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Someone in your city is looking for help walking their dog, cleaning their windows, or mowing their lawn.

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ErrandPals is an online platform that connects anyone wanting to pay someone to perform an errand, with someone who can actually do the errand. Errands include pet-sitting, house cleaning, dog walking, cooking, lawn mowing, and much more.

Got some time on your hands?

We believe that a 9-5 job is a thing of the past. Find people in your community, help with errands, and live life on your terms.

How ErrandPals works

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Tell us what kind of work you can do. we’ll let our community know.

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We’ll match you with errands in your city. Only accept the jobs you want.

You take all the profits

A lot of sites that connect you with jobs take 20% of everything you make. We believe that if you do the work, you should keep all the money you earn. All we ask is that you send us a small monthly subscription to stay active on the site. Your subscription helps us to grow and to find you new errands. Errand Pals is an affordable $11.99 per month, with a one-time activation charge of $12.67. There are no contracts or cancellation fees and you can cancel any time!

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